Dell 1610HD DLP Multimedia Projector Review

Dell 1610HD Projector Highlights

  • Lightweight – 5.3 lbs.
  • Very Good Brightness – 3500 lumens
  • Internet-based network monitoring and control
  • 8-watt built-in speaker provides usable sound levels
  • USB control of presentations on a PC via the remote
  • Closed captioning

Dell 1610HD Projector Overview

The Dell 1610HD projector is a portable WXGA (1280 X 800), 3-D ready, DLP multimedia projector that is equally adept in the classroom or conference room.  It provides a great combination of high brightness and a sharp picture, all at a price below $1000.

While it incorporates the usual features for a projector in this class (like wired network control and monitoring, auto adjustment and lightweight), the 1610HD goes a step further than some of the competition by including an HDMI input (a welcome sight in a sub-$1000 multimedia projector), USB and RS-232 remote control and a handy carrying bag.

The Dell 1610HD uses a Texas Instruments DarkChip3 DLP chip, which only a few years ago was the state-of-the-art for home theater projectors.  This allows for a decent contrast ratio (2100:1) and black level that makes for acceptable movie viewing if desired.

The 1610HD is very portable, easy to setup and comes with Dell’s 2-year Advanced Exchange Warranty to provide you with a replacement if there’s a problem with the projector.  As you will see in the review to follow, the Dell 1610HD performs well in every category and is a very good value for its price.


The 1610HD is rated at 3500 lumens.  Using the Normal lamp setting (which is the higher of the two available), in Bright image mode (the brightest), we measured 3450 lumens at mid-zoom range.  As so many multimedia projectors fail to come close to their rated lumen output, this is excellent performance.  As is typically the case with a 1.2X zoom, the output showed little variation throughout the zoom range.  At full wide zoom (still in Bright mode), we got 3513 lumens and only at full telephoto zoom did it drop more significantly to 3283 lumens.  Nonetheless, you need not worry about placement when you’re only talking about a few hundred lumens through the entire zoom range.

Dell 1610HD Projector: Pros

  • Good color rendition in all but brightest mode
  • Very good readability with native resolution or higher
  • Very high brightness – almost 3500 lumens
  • Lightweight – 5.3 lbs.
  • No dust filters requiring cleaning or replacement
  • Good support via its Advanced Exchange warranty
  • Ability to monitor and adjust most projector functions via a networked computer

Dell 1610HD Projector: Cons

  • No instant shut off
  • On-projector controls difficult to use
  • Limited zoom range
  • Lamp replacement requires dismounting if ceiling mounted
  • No network display capability or wireless networking

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